Instruments Sent to Our Military Thus Far…

Help Donate Guitars to Our Troops

Sending guitars & other musical supplies to our Troops deployed in harm's way

Guitars 4 Troops is working to provide our deployed soldiers (down range) with guitars and other musical supplies to help bring joy, recreation, and healing while stationed abroad. With your help of donated instruments and funds we hope to give the gift of music to our military personnel while they are away from home.

History: Since June of 2009, we have been donating guitars and other musical supplies to our Troops in Afghanistan & Iraq. With the charitable donations we receive we are able to send guitars and care packages to be distributed to units abroad, including the first unit we met, Task Force Builder in Afghanistan. We now send to many different military units. This has brought much enjoyment and gratification on each end of the program. Everyone who has heard about this program responds positively and many have wanted to take part.

You can help by donating a used guitar or funds. What is needed the most at this time are cash donations. We hope that with your continued support and donations we will be able to send more guitars to more troops while they are stationed away from family and friends.

Signing up to receive a free guitar is not a guarantee that you will receive one. It is impossible for us to fulfill every request. We do our best, but our resources are limited. With this in mind, please do not ask for a guitar unless you are currently deployed in harm’s way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin at 615-672-7733 or email us at info@guitargal.com.

Recent Updates

  • More Guitars Donated

    We have been fortunate to have a few high-end guitars donated lately. We received a fine Baby 2H Collings and a handmade Brad Nickerson D55 special with a fantastic bearclaw spruce top. Each of these were given to be sold, and the proceeds used to buy more guitars to ship over to our military personel … Read the Rest…

  • A note of Thanks

    I am writing this to tell you how much I appreciate the guitar you have sent me. When I play music, it takes me out of this war zone and transcends me to brighter place, a safer place. Thank you for allowing me a little escape in dark times. A gift like this is a … Read the Rest…