Donate Money

It costs an average of $90 to ship each guitar overseas. At this time we are asking for Cash or monetary donations, primarily, as we can purchase really great, new guitars for about $175 to send to our troops. We find this to be more economical than repairing donated guitars that have seen better days. However, if you have a really great guitar to donate, that you think can withstand the rigors of 2 shipments, and is worth $125 or more and is in Excellent condition—- Please contact Robin to discuss. Any and All monetary donations are greatly appreciated and any amount helps. Please understand that we CAN NOT provide a tax deductible receipt for donations made. This is a small charity operated alongside of a much larger, retail business. We are not an official 501(c)(3).
That said, if you write a check and send it to us, please make out to “GUITARS 4 TROOPS”.

Katie in Afghanistan

Donate a Guitar

If you have a new or used guitar that you would like to donate to Guitars 4 Troops, here is some preliminary information:

On average, to send a guitar to us, you will spend around $60-$70.  From there, we clean up the instruments, change strings if necessary, add some goodies, and spend another $90 beyond that to ship to our Troops.  We believe in sending the best instruments available.  Before you send any instrument, consider if the instrument will withstand the shipping process, and if at its core, it is worth as much as the shipping and add-on’s, roughly $150 wholesale.  Although we recognize many instruments have inherent emotional value, the rigors of shipping and life in the field will take a weaker instrument out before it has served the person who received it there.

If your donation passes this first level of consideration, then please pack it according to this suggested criteria.  This will help us receive and re-ship the instrument in the condition you shipped it to us in.

Packing a guitar:
First, loosen the strings. Next,  loosely pad above and below the headstock with wadded newspaper,  please no bubble wrap or packing peanuts inside the guitar case itself. (Sometimes, in heat, these items will adhere to the finish of the instrument.)
Secure and keys or any loose parts inside the junk box in a baggy or taped down.
Secure the case, put some bubble wrap or wadded newspaper in the bottom of your shipping box.
Carefully lower the guitar into the box.
Shake packing peanuts all around the case or wad  newspaper or bubble wrap, (truly anything . . . we are ‘Green’ over here so we recycle every thing paper and cardboard, as long as it’s clean), so you can shake the box and have no movement of the guitar inside the case, or the packing box.

Include a note or extra strings, straps etc. if you’d like.

Make sure you write your name and address on the box or in its contents so we can properly thank you.

Secure the box and ship to:

Guitars 4 Troops
8161 Highway 100
Ste. 196
Nashville, TN 37221-4213

Please send us an email letting us know that you are shipping something.

For any more information, you can email Robin at We are looking for all makes and models of acoustic guitars to send to our soldiers. Some have also sent mandolins, ukes, violins, and electric guitars.

Thank you again for any donation you would like to give.